I Plugged in My ViewSonic Monitor & It Won't Turn On

ViewSonic monitors plugged into an electrical outlet will not turn on if the monitor short-circuits due to internal damage and problems with fuses, or if the outlet isn't working. ViewSonic flat-panel monitors can be used with compatible PCs and Macs to provide high-definition displays with resolutions such as 1920 by 1080 pixels. However, if the monitor won't turn on, ViewSonic provides solutions to solve power issues.


If the ViewSonic monitor is plugged into an electrical outlet and won't turn on, the issue is most likely with the outlet it's plugged into. To determine whether the electrical outlet is problematic, plug another device such as a lamp to it. If the lamp doesn't turn on, a tripped circuit breaker in the electrical panel has shut down the outlet. Reset the tripped breaker in the electrical panel in the house or use another outlet.


If the ViewSonic monitor isn't powering, verify it's connected to a compatible voltage. ViewSonic supports 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz. If the device is used in a region that doesn't meet these power guidelines, a power converter is required to supply adequate power to the monitor. In some cases, power issues are caused by a blown internal fuse on the inverter board. A fuse may blow due to a number of reasons including power surges and interferences causes by power outages.


In some cases, the ViewSonic monitor won't turn on if the power cord is damaged. Accidentally placing or dropping heavy objects on the power cord can cause premature wear and tear and short-circuit problems. In addition, the monitor will not turn on if it's producing smoke, strange unusual noises and a burning like odor. If the monitor displays such symptoms, unplug the power cord immediately and contact a dealer.

Recommendations and Warnings

If you're ViewSonic monitor is still under a limited or extended warranty, avoid tampering with it. Disassembling the unit defaces the serial number, which means repair charges incurred must be paid out-of-pocket. To obtain warranty service for your ViewSonic monitor, you'll need the original sales receipt, name, address, the serial number and description of the power problem your experiencing.