How to Limit the Wireless Signal Coverage at Home

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Reposition your Internet router's antenna to limit wireless signal range.

The threat of hacking and identity theft makes Internet security an important concern for many households. Any passerby armed with a laptop and Wi-Fi antenna can access an unprotected wireless Internet connection to eavesdrop or carry out illegal online activities. Password protection, signal encryption and Internet router firewalls all protect wireless Internet connections. You can also take steps to minimize the amount of wireless signal leaking from your home.


Step 1

Assess the range of the wireless signal transmitted by your Internet router by monitoring the signal strength display on your wireless-enabled laptop or smart phone while walking around your house and yard. You will find the wireless signal meter on the time/date bar on the main screen of your smart phone and in the desktop footer bar of your laptop computer. Make a mental note of the area covered by the wireless signal as you walk.


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Step 2

Move your Internet router to a different location. The best location for limiting wireless signal range is usually the center of the house or apartment. Experiment with different locations until you reduce the signal range.

Step 3

Change the orientation of the router's wireless antennas. Point the antennas away from neighboring properties or the street. Experiment with different antenna positions until you have reduced the range of the wireless signal. If your router is equipped with two antennas, consider removing one to limit the wireless signal range.



Step 4

Modern wireless Internet routers often include a "radio power" setting. Reduce this to limit the signal range. Check the router's technical manual for instructions.

Step 5

Paint exterior walls of the house with a special wireless signal blocking paint. Anti-Wi-Fi paint contains tiny aluminum-iron oxide particles that prevent wireless Internet signals and other radio waves from passing through. This is an effective but extreme measure to take against snoopers and hackers.




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