My Home Page Won't Load

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Reclaim your home page.
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There's nothing more frustrating than opening a browser and not seeing your home page. There are a number of possible causes for this situation, ranging from a bad Internet connection to a computer virus. Depending on the underlying issue, there may be a simple solution to getting your home page up and visible again.


Check Your Connection

The first thing to do is check your Internet connection. Make sure your router is plugged in and there are no warning lights. If you see red lights or no lights at all, unplug the browser and wait about a minute before plugging it back in. If you still see red lights or no lights after this reboot, contact your service provider. Also check your Ethernet cable. Replace it with one that you know is good to see if a defective cord is the culprit.


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Check for Server-Side Errors

If you can connect to other websites, the problem might be that the site you have set as your home page is down. Try connecting to the home page using another computer or device. If you can connect from another device but not from your own computer, clear the cache and browsing history from your browser. Shut the browser down, and then reopen it.


Firewalls and Other Web Page Blockers

Temporarily turn off popup, ad tracking, and other Web page blockers. If you recently added these tools to your browser or if your home page had a recent update, your access may be denied. You can override these blocks by listing your home page as a safe exception that should not be blocked. Check your firewall as well, and add an exception to allow your home page to load.


Third Party Reconfiguration

If an unfamiliar Web site appears when you open your browser, it may be that a third party application has reconfigured your browser. This can happen when you download a file or visit a new Web page. Often, there is a condition for the download or visit that allows the site to reconfigure your settings. The simple solution is to reset your home page in your browser's settings. After doing so, immediately clear your browser's cache and browsing history.


Run a Virus Scan

If you are having trouble opening a security Web site, you may have a virus. Close your browser, disconnect from the Internet and run a virus scan. Then reconnect to the Internet and try to reload your home page.