My iPhone Won't Charge From My Computer

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Two different ways exist to charging the portable MP3 Apple iPod. The first is to directly connect it to a local wall outlet, and the second is to hook it up to a computer. The second is desirable because the iPod must sync with a computer to upload or download additional content to the MP3 player. If the MP3 player is not drawing a charge from the computer, however, you must take a few troubleshooting steps.


Step 1

Check the USB connection running from the iPod to the computer. If the cable is not correctly inserted into both ports, the iPod is not going to draw power from the system.


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Step 2

Disconnect the USB cable from the computer, then reinsert the cable into a different USB port. Occasionally USB ports fail on a system or do not run with certain hardware. Changing the USB connection often corrects the charging issue.


Step 3

Inspect the cable itself. If the cable is damaged or cut, the power is not going to reach the iPod. If the USB connections are dirty, you need to wipe off the metal connectors with a damp cloth, allow them to dry and then connect the iPod back into the system.


Step 4

Bring the computer out of sleep mode. If the computer is in sleep mode, it is not going to charge the iPod. Additionally, if you are using a laptop and the lid is closed, the iPod is also not going to receive a charge.

Things You'll Need

  • USB data cable

  • Damp cloth