My Philips TV Won't Turn on and Is Making a Chirping Noise

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A chirping sound can indicate a significant problem with your Philips television.

So your Philips television won't turn on and is making an annoying chirping noise in place of showing a picture. Televisions have become more and more complicated over the years, and harder to repair by non-experts. As with most electronics, there are a few simple fixes that might help. However, a chirping noise generally indicates a serious problem that might require a trained expert to repair your Philips television.


Step 1

Spray a few shots of compressed air into the vents of your television. Over the years, dust can build up and cause signal blockages or small surges within your system. Removing the dust can help clear out these problems.

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Step 2

Completely disconnect your television from all power sources as well as any components, and leave it this way for up to four hours. This will perform a "hard reset" on your television and, combined with the dust removal, might clear out any blockages that exist.



Step 3

Call a trained technician to repair your television. The chirping sound indicates a problem with your power transformer and adapter. This will likely necessitate a new part for your television.




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