How to Fix Water Damage to My LCD TV

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LCD televisions can be quickly destroyed by water.

Contact with water is one of the worst things that can happen to an electronic device, such as an LCD television. The water causes the metal pathways in the circuit board to short circuit and corrode, making the board useless. Once your television gets wet, it is imperative that you start the drying process as quickly as possible. A circuit board can be fine even after being submersed in water, as long as it is completely dried out before electricity is applied to it.


Step 1

Turn the LCD television off and unplug it immediately after contact with water. Water needs electricity to damage electrical components, and your television is consuming power when it is plugged in, regardless of whether it is off.

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Step 2

Unscrew the case of your LCD television and expose the circuit boards. Each television will have a slightly different method of opening and require slightly different tools to open it.


Step 3

Disconnect the circuit board or boards from the rest of the television and place them in a bag with your silica gel packets. Leave the boards in the bag overnight. If your circuit boards do not disconnect, place the silica gel packets as close to the boards as possible, and let everything sit for at least two days, or longer if your area has high humidity.


Step 4

Pour any remaining water out of the television casing. Use compressed air, vacuums and rags to ensure you get all of it.


Step 5

Remove the board from the bag and place it on a table in front of you.


Step 6

Wet your brush with the isopropyl alcohol and start wiping down the circuit board. Scrub the board hard enough to remove any corrosion or rust but not enough to damage the components. Make a visual inspection of the board when you are finished to locate any corrosion and clean it again if necessary.


Step 7

Dry the board with your compressed air, then reinstall it in the television. Plug the television in to see if it powers up and everything is working.




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