My RCA Home Theater Will Not Turn On

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Various hardware problems can cripple an RCA home theater system and prevent the device from powering on. Power problems with the device can result from issues with the device's system board and power cable. External hardware, such as the AC adapter the device is connected to or a connected video cable can also cause power problems.


Power Cable and Power Board

The RCA home theater system's power cable may be damaged or defective. Check the power cable for fraying or other wear that can occur over time and could result in the cable not working. Alternatively, the system board may have become damaged if the device was bumped, dropped or involved in some other incident where it was jostled. You can test each of these potential problems by plugging the RCA home theater system in to an AC outlet that you know works. If the device doesn't turn on when connected to the AC outlet that you know works, either a defective power cable or a damaged power board is likely the source of your problems. Trying to repair either of these on your own will void any existing manufacturer warranty and should be done by an RCA-certified professional repair person.


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Remote Control

If you're attempting to turn on your RCA home theater system using the remote control that came with the device, ensure that there are no objects between the remote control and the home theater system. Also, try replacing the batteries in your remote control in case they're dead and also ensure that you're standing within 15 feet of the home theater system and pointing the remote control directly at it. Try turning the home theater system on using the power button to see if the problem is with the remote control only. If it turns on manually, the problem is with the remote control. If the home theater system still doesn't turn on, you may have a different problem.


Video Connection

Your RCA home theater system may be turning on, but if your video cables aren't firmly connected, you may not see a picture on your connected viewing device, even if if that device is set to the appropriate input. Push the video cables connected to each device firmly into the output jacks on the home theater system and the input jacks on the external viewing device to ensure a strong connection. Also, try using a different video cable that you know works in case the existing cable you're using is damaged or defective.


AC Outlet

The circuit breaker associated with the AC outlet you're connected to may have been tripped. Try resetting the circuit breaker and then powering your RCA home theater system back on. If the home theater system still isn't turning on, you may have a damaged or defective AC outlet. Try connecting your home theater system to an AC outlet that you know works and then powering the home theater system back on. If the home theater system turns on, the AC outlet you were previously using is damaged or defective and needs to be replaced. If the home theater system still isn't working, you have different problems with your RCA home theater system.