What Could Cause My RCA TV to Shut Off?

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An RCA TV that shuts down and won't turn back on or that shuts off randomly but can be turned back on can be incredibly frustrating to use. Power problems with the TV can result from issues with the power cable, the TV's settings, hardware or connected external devices. Troubleshoot your RCA TV's power problem to see if you can fix it by yourself or if you need to take your TV to a repair professional.


Power Cable

The power cable on your RCA TV may be damaged, defective or not solidly connected to either the TV or the AC outlet. Make sure the cable is firmly pushed into the connector on the TV and the AC adapter; if the power cable isn't solidly connected in both places, the TV won't turn on. If you think the power cable shows any signs of damage or you think the cable is defective, replace it with a standard three-prong TV power cable available at most electronics stores.


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Sleep Timer

If the TV shuts off on a regular basis but can be turned on immediately after it shuts off, the TV's sleep timer may be turned on. You can check the sleep timer settings by pressing the "Sleep" button on your remote control. Disable the sleep timer if it's turned on.


Power Board

A damaged or defective power board can cause your RCA TV to shut down and may prevent it from powering on again. You can check the power board by removing the back from the TV then locating the large green board with circuits and fuses on it. Check for obvious damage to the power board, such as if it's cracked, then check to see if the fuses on the board are blown. Blown fuses will be cloudy instead of clear.


Safety and Caution

Before handling a frayed or damaged power cable, turn off the circuit breaker or power strip associated with the outlet where the damaged power cable is connected. As further precaution, wear thick cloth gloves when handling a damaged power cable in case the cable is still live when you touch it, and take care not to handle the cable in the areas where you know it's damaged. Contact the company that handles your trash for instructions regarding how to properly dispose of the power cable. Additionally, if you do have to access the TV's power board, put on a grounding wrist strap prior to removing the cover from your TV to prevent static electricity from damaging your TV. Grounding wrist straps are available at most electronics stores.