My Rosetta Stone Is Stuck on the Loading Screen

While using your Rosetta Stone software on your computer, you may encounter a problem in which the program freezes on the loading screen. At times, the problem is resolvable by checking your security software's settings or ensuring the program's CD is free of dirt. Depending on the cause, you can possibly resolve it and be on your way to learning a second language in no time.

Visible CD Damage

When your Rosetta Stone is stuck on the loading screen, remove the CD from your computer and check it for visible scratches or smudges. If the CD appears to be dirty, clean it using a soft cloth. Reinsert the CD into your computer and restart the program. Scratches can present a bigger challenge. Contact Rosetta Stone's customer service for assistance with obtaining a replacement CD if the scratches appear to be deep or are preventing it from working.

Recently Updated Software

If you recently updated your Rosetta Stone Version 3 software, the update may contain a corrupted file that is causing the program to stick on the loading screen. You need to remove the potentially corrupted file and restart your software.

Open the Rosetta Stone folder on your computer and copy the "Products" file folder. Create another folder containing the contents of the copied folder. Right-click the original "Products" file and click "Open With WordPad." Locate the corrupted file by searching for the text that starts "<course id='null.'" The file is contained in the line above this text. Highlight the line above the text all the way to "</product." Delete the text and save the altered file. Relaunch the software to determine if the problem is solved.

Security Software

Occasionally, your security software may cause a problem with loading the Rosetta Stone software. Determine if your firewall and anti-virus protection is the culprit by disabling each and relaunching the program. If you are able to bypass the loading screen without the program stalling, add an exception to your firewall and anti-virus for Rosetta Stone. Refer to the user's manual for each program to determine how to add an exception.


As a final option to bypass the loading screen in Rosetta Stone, uninstall the program. The installation of the program may have been faulty, which can lead to it hanging while loading. Remove the program from your computer by uninstalling it from the "Programs" list on your computer. When finished, restart your computer and wait for it to finish loading. Reinstall the program using the installation CDs provided.

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