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Microsoft Publisher 2007, released by Microsoft in 2007, allows Windows users to run several aspects of their small business from their personal computer. The many parts of MS Publisher 2007 come together to allow for superior marketing and customer management. Looking at the various aspects of the Publisher software may help you decide if this software is right for you.



Users can browse MS Publisher's library of templates in order to coordinate all of their marketing materials. Newsletters, websites, business cards, flyers and brochures can all have the same visual style when using a MS Publisher template. New templates can be downloaded from the Internet with the help of the Publisher's search tool.


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Content store

The Content Store will remember the various styles that you use frequently and save them in a special section. This will allow you to quickly access these styles when you wish to use them in any new publications you create.

Publisher tasks

Publisher's tasks feature can help you design and send materials by providing instructions for some of Publisher's procedures. This includes designing publications and creating mail merges.



Catalog merge

Catalog merge merges text and images from your database of styles. This will help you continuously update materials such as data sheets, catalogs and price lists.

Design checker

Design checker is helpful when you are ready to release your work, as it will locate any design errors you make while working, allowing you to fix them and make them look as good as possible.



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