Purpose of a Keyboard

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Keyboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but each one is basically an input device for a computer. It allows the user to send information or commands to the computer. Users need keyboards for things like gaming or the creation of business files.



A keyboard is an input device that can be used to type documents, play games, perform functions assigned to shortcut keys and carry out other tasks while using a computer.

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Keyboards can differ by design. While a QWERTY layout is most common in the United States, the designs can be ergonomic, virtual laser, mobile or non-standard, like keyboards that are split into left and right halves.



An ergonomic keyboard has the same capabilities of a standard keyboard, but is designed in such a way as to reduce stress and discomfort on the body.


A mobile keyboard is a highly portable keyboard that may fold up or roll up when not in use so it can be carried easily.



Virtual Laser

Virtual laser keyboards project the image of a keyboard onto a flat surface and connect to hand-held devices, giving the user a larger keyboard to work with.


A combination keyboard will include a mouse in its design, which may save money and take up less space than purchasing both input devices separately.




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