How to Recover Deleted Internet History on a Mac

Recover deleted Internet history on a Mac.

As you browse the Internet on your Mac, the web browser saves this history. You can then search through your history folder to see what sites you have visited and when you visited them. Users can delete this history to clear out space or add privacy, but Macs have an effective method for recovering this information. The Time Machine program can restore program settings to a previously saved state in your Safari web browser.

Step 1

Close the Safari web browser and open a Finder window.

Step 2

Choose your user account from the "Places" section.

Step 3

Click on the "Library" folder to open it and click on the "Safari" folder.

Step 4

Click on the "Time Machine" icon on the bottom icon list to start the program.

Step 5

Choose a restore date. Select a date that preceded the date when the Safari history was deleted.

Step 6

Select the file labeled "History.plist" and select "Restore."

Step 7

Click "REPLACE" from the pop-up box.

Step 8

Open your Safari web browser and select the "History" option on the menu. You should now see deleted history.