The Location of the Windows Backup Log

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Backup your data regularly to prevent data loss due to hard disk failure.

Microsoft Windows comes with Windows Backup, a tool that allows you to back up your data files, a system image and previous versions of files and folders. You can run Windows Backup manually or on a regular schedule.



Windows Backup keeps log files in "C:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackups" by default. You may not be able to see this folder or its contents if you aren't an administrator on your computer.


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Skipped Files or Folders

If Windows skips any files or folders during the backup, Windows notes them in a ".log" file. You can use Windows Notepad to open this file to view the skipped files or folders.



Detailed Logfiles

You can view a detailed event log using Windows Event Viewer. Select "Open Saved Log" and navigate to the log's location. Event Viewer will open ".etl" files.



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