RGB Cables Vs. VGA Cables

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You'll need the right cables to share information between electronic devices.

Not all electronic devices and computer equipment come with a means to view your images or documents. To connect a camera to a TV or to connect a computer hard drive to a monitor, you will most likely need either an RGB or VGA cable.



You will need RGB (Red Green Blue) cables if you want to connect electronic devices to your TV or computer, and VGA (Video Graphics Array) cables to connect your computer to a monitor.

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The three separate input and output connectors on an RGB cable carry the different signals for the colors red, blue and green—the colors scanners and camera sensors capture. VGA cables have pin ports that carry the signals in analog form from a computer to a display monitor.



Several types of RGB and VGA cables are available. The type is determined by the number of input and output tips on the cable and the sex of the ports needed, whether male or female.

Future Uses

VGA, which was first created by IBM to interface its hardware, may be a thing of the past because many computer companies are switching their interface cables to digital. RGB is a common color combination used by computers and other electronic devices and cables to transmit those signals and are not expected to go out of use.