How to Convert a Webcam's USB Cable to Video Out

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A webcam USB signal can be converted into an s-video output signal using an adapter cable. This cable then enables users to connect their webcams to their televisions. The cable can also include audio provided that the webcam contains a built-in microphone. Setting up this connection only takes a few minutes to complete.


Step 1

Purchase a USB-to-Video-Output converter cable. Almost any major electronics or video camera shop sells cables to convert a USB signal to an s-video out signal.

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Step 2

Insert the Webcam's USB cable into the female USB input on the converter cable.


Step 3

Insert the s-video output cables into a video display device like a television or a/v receiver. These cables should connect to the "Video Input" jacks on the device. The red cable connects to the red input, white cable to the white input and yellow cable to the yellow input.


Step 4

Plug the USB webcam into an electrical outlet. Turn on the device and then turn on the video display. Switch the display to the video input you have connected to the webcam. A live video feed appears from the webcam.



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