Role of Computers in Medical Lab Technology

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Computer technology is widely used throughout the medical field, and workers in this field need to understand the role computers and related technologies play in their day-to-day jobs. Computers are used for everything from testing products in the field to determining the safety and effectiveness of new drugs.


Testing Drugs

Medical laboratories around the world use computer technology to test thousands of different compounds for traits that could one day turn them into life-saving drugs. Along with the testing, that number can also be sorted and analyzed in the time it would take a technician to do only a few.


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Running Simulations

Computer simulations are critical to the advancement of science, and computer technology can allow medical lab personnel to run thousands of different simulations in a matter of hours. These simulations are used for everything from predicting the effectiveness of a drug to determining the best possible course of treatment for a patient.


Blood Work

Taking blood samples and analyzing the results is an important part of working in a medical lab, and computers do much of the work there as well. Sophisticated computer technology can quickly determine whether the levels of proteins, amino acids, sugars and other elements are within normal ranges. These same computers can be used to generate results that are sent back to the patient's physician.


Generating Research Data

Research is an essential part of lab work, and computer technology can be used to aggregate tens of thousands of individual records and present them in a usable format. From patient outcomes to the results of drug testing, this information can be used in many ways.


Analyzing Patient Data

Keeping patient data accurate and up-to-date is essential if an effective treatment plan is to be followed. The computer equipment used in medical labs can keep track of patient data and make sure that all treatment options are available.