Use of Computers for Military Training

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When the computer was created in the 20th century, it was for the purpose of complex calculations. However, computers have become so much more than glorified calculators; they are used in everyday devices and used as tools in the office, the home and especially in the military.


Computers have made life easier for billions of people on this planet. Businesses, schools, homes and the military have all benefited from the advancement and proliferation of the computer, computer software and computer design.

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Computers are instrumental in the training and education of military forces. What was once taught through excruciating detail and physical risk can now be done in the safety of an air conditioned room.


Computer Simulations

Computer simulator were born around the same time as the computer game, but the concept of computer games took off much faster than military simulators. People all over the world wanted to get in on the PC gaming action. It wasn't until the military realized the potential of computer simulators did funding for simulators begin to pour in.


Computer simulations allow the military to train soldiers for severe combat situations without actually having to put them in harm's way. The Air Force can train pilots in flight simulators long before they actually get in the cockpit. Computer simulations have become so advanced that computer games have begun to model themselves after combat and flight simulator software.



The military without computers would be a far different place. Sure, we could use the tried and true method of Morse Code, but simply typing in a message an hitting 'send' is so much easier and faster, especially in actual combat situations.



When it comes to training the military, being able to communicate easily among groups is the key to learning how to work together. Also, use of computers in communication allows those specializing in military communication to get hands-on training in a real world setting.

Military Testing

Military schools depend on computers for testing the aptitude of the students. What's taught in the classroom setting is tested using computers in order to ensure the validity of the student's answers. Some of the aptitude tests are used to decide what the soldier's occupation will be during her service time.


Military Secrecy

The many ways computers are used in the military is kept secretive. Many military programs and hardware is kept confidential for the purpose of national security. However, the military has confirmed that much of its training is computer- or technology-based.




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