What Are the Benefits of Computers in Society?

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Ever since the first IBM PC was sold in 1981 and the bundling of Microsoft's Windows Operating System on subsequent easy-to-use PCs, computers have revolutionized the way individuals, students and enterprises work, communicate, live, educate and entertain. Computers are now integral to virtually every possible human and non-human activity. The benefits of computers to society are manifold.



Computers are now used in every domain, field and sector and across industries. They are used for a variety of tasks, applications and activities and to enhance productivity on all fronts.


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The advent of the Internet and its proliferation have force-multiplied the usage of computers. People all over the world are able to communicate, engage and interact with each other using IM, email, blogs, online forums, social media and other options.


Jobs Influence

The widespread use and application of computers has created multiple industries, derived sectors and professions and facilitated job opportunities for millions of people.


High-end desktops and full-featured notebook PCs have become all-in-one entertainment systems for millions of users as they watch movies, sports events and news programs, shop, socialize, download videos and play games.




Computers have simplified and streamlined the process of education for millions of young teens, college going students and post-graduates. The use of computers has democratized the influence, reach and penetration of education and knowledge to students in far-flung and geographically remote regions.




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