What Are the Benefits of Personal Computers?

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Your personal computer has made your life easier.

Personal computers have changed the lives of individuals in both personal and professional ways. Personal computers have advantages for everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens. How you use your computer depends on your personal interests and needs, but in the end, the technology of the personal computer benefits you by saving you time, money and effort in various ways.



You can use personal computers for education at school, work and home. At school, you can use personal computers to learn about subjects that a teacher does not have an expertise in or to reinforce a classroom lesson. You may use computers in the classroom to take quizzes and learn about other cultures using software programs.

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At work, you can use personal computers to learn about new processes in the workplace or new skills to improve your performance. You can also use them to learn skills such as management techniques.


At home, students and adults alike can use a personal computer for learning. You can learn subjects such as spelling, math, and reading using software programs on the computer. You can learn a foreign language, investigate potential investment opportunities in the stock market or learn about other financial opportunities.


Personal computers aren't only used for work, they can be used for fun as well. Software programs allow you to play games with other people, even if they are thousands of miles away. If you don't want to play with someone else, you can use single-player games on the personal computer as well.


You can watch television shows and movies on your personal computer any time you wish by downloading or streaming the video. In this way, you can control your schedule, instead of letting the television networks control it for you.


Personal computers have expanded society's options for communication. No longer do you need a separate telephone; instead, you can use your computer to make a telephone call over the Internet.


You can use computers to share and synchronize schedules not only for work, but for your personal life as well. Employees can work with other employees on opposite work schedules by sharing documents and leaving notes indicating ideas for the project they are working on as a team. Communicating over e-mail and instant messaging on computers also reduces society's reliance on the phone.

Communication is not only possible between humans over a computer, but it's also possible between humans and machines. If you are out of town, you can turn off your lights and/or set your DVR to record a movie if you have them connected to your computer through a wireless Internet connection.