Samsung Flip Phone Instructions

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Refer to the display's indicator bars to determine the reception level.

The Samsung flip phone is a portable compact digital cell phone that protects its keys and display by simply folding up. After receiving your device, you might have questions about how to set it up and make calls.


Step 1

Set up your phone by first installing your SIM card and battery. Turn the phone over so the back cover is easily accessible. Push the cover lock latch at the top of the cover, and pull the cover away. Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot (located at the bottom of the battery chamber). The SIM slot is shaped like a SIM card.


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Step 2

Insert the battery into the battery chamber on top of the SIM card. The battery is shaped like the battery chamber, and the battery will click into place when pressed in completely. Place the battery cover back on top of the battery chamber and press it closed until it audibly clicks.

Step 3

Charge your phone before using it by plugging the charger (with the symbol facing up) into the bottom of the cell phone. Plug the larger end into an AC wall outlet. Allow the phone to fully charge for roughly 200 minutes. Unplug the charger from the bottom of the phone by squeezing the sides and pulling it out simultaneously.


Step 4

Turn the phone on by flipping it open and holding down the red "End Call" button on the right side of the keypad. You will see the display illuminate. Turn the phone off by pushing and holding the "End Call" button once more, until the display turns off.

Step 5

Place a call by flipping the phone open and entering in the phone number (area code first) using the numbered keys toward the bottom of the keypad. After entering in the 10 digits correctly, push the green "Send Call" button on the left side of the phone. The number will be dialed and you will hear ringing in the speaker.


Step 6

End a call by pushing the "End Call" button.

Step 7

Answer a call by pushing the green "Send Call" key or by flipping your phone open.

Step 8

Adjust the volume by pushing the "Volume" key located on the left edge of the phone. Push the "Volume" key up to raise the volume. Volume adjustment can be made in idle mode or during a phone call.

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