Six Good Things About Social Networking

There are over 645 million registered Twitter accounts.
Image Credit: DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images

The exact benefits users get from social networking depends on the social media platform or service they use and why they are using it.

According to statistics provided by StatisticBrain, 58 percent of the population uses social media. Businesses use social media to advertise and to interact with customers. Non-business users interact with friends and strangers to forge new relationships.

It Can Generate Leads

Social media conversations can tell you a lot about a person's interests. Different groups of people use different social media platforms for different reasons, so demographics differ between the users of LinkedIn and Twitter, for example. Professionals find that social media campaigns are effective at segmenting and identifying a target audience, and conversations can generate a direct lead or a referral that can be followed up later.

It's a Fast Way to Distribute Content

Social media platforms allow users to distribute content easily and quickly with a single click. In the case of finished work, you can get immediate exposure. If used during the development phase of a project, social media can provide an easy way to get feedback or critiques that can be used to improve the final product.

It Helps Teach Social Skills

For young people and adolescents, using social media can lead to better social skills like making friends and carrying on a conversation. Shy and introverted users find it easier to interact with strangers when a computer screen stands between them. This can be a great benefit for children with handicaps that confine them to the home, giving them an opportunity to interact with others while feeling safe, which can lead to greater self-confidence.

It Increases Connectivity

The large number of contacts made possible through the use of social media provides users with the opportunity to find like-minded people. Anyone may connect with a professional, an industry leader or a celebrity without the need to visit an office or set up a special meeting. Of course, there is no guarantee the other person will chat back, but the ease of using social media makes such a conversation much more likely to happen.

It Can Aid Mental Health

Social media can provide a therapeutic function. For people who live in remote areas, the connectivity and ability to make friends with other people at any time can aid with combating depression and feelings of low self-esteem. Social networking is available 24 hours a day, so it can be an effective way to banish loneliness. Those who suffer from social anxiety can use social media to practice interactions with strangers, which can lead to better social interactions in public.

It Can Alert Large Numbers of People Quickly

Notifying the public during emergencies has never been easier. Many people carry smartphones and monitor their social media accounts throughout the day. By the time local or federal authorities speak up, users of social media have already posted information about disasters and emergencies. Tuning in to social media can give first responders important information while they are in transit to a disaster site.