Uses & Misuses of Mobile Phones

Uses & Misuses of Mobile Phones
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Mobile phones have revolutionized the lives of people in the past 15 years. The ability to communicate, compute and access content via mobile phones has redefined connectivity and communication. But high-end mobile phones have also become handy devices for criminals, anti-social elements and even terrorists. Mobile phones have their uses and misuses.


The ability to communicate wirelessly and across borders is one of the biggest uses of mobile phones. Mobile phones have emerged as the primary communication devices for millions of rural, remote and underdeveloped areas in developing countries where it is difficult to build extensive fixed-line and other wired phone infrastructures. Mobile phones can be used in many emergency situations and exigencies to gain valuable and timely help.

Multiple Functions

Latest generation mobile phones can be used to access email, listen to music, bank and shop online, store photos and songs, play games.

Enterprise Usage

Advanced mobile phones or smart phones allow frequent travelers, mobile professionals and other corporate users to access enterprise applications and programs, view and access documents and work anywhere, anytime.


Cameras loaded on most mobile phones can be used to take pictures of women and unsuspecting children; these photos are then generally morphed, manipulated and circulated on the Internet. Texting can also be used to abuse or stalk people.

Criminal and Illicit Activities

Mobile phones have been known to be used by unscrupulous elements, thieves and criminals to carry out a number of criminal schemes, scamming programs and other illicit activities.