The Advantages of Electronic Communication Devices

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Electronic communication uses computers, cell phones and other devices to transmit messages. It has developed into an everyday part of millions of people's lives. As the technology develops more sophisticated electronic devices for communication are introduced frequently paving the way for a greater variety of ways to communicate electronically.


Convenience is a major factor in the use of electronic communication devices. There is a greater level of ease attached to the use of the Internet and cell phones to communicate. Email enables you to send messages without much movement and effort compared to sending mail by post. The Internet is also a wealth of resources such as books, journals, and online stores where you can access anything you want. Cell phones are a source of convenience; they allow you to make a call to anyone irrespective of time, and distance.


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Electronic communication devices are easily accessible to people who would otherwise not have other modes of communication. In developing countries people who never owned a home telephone have cell phones. Cell phones also continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Many are now available that provide three or four ways to communicate, such as Internet connections, text messaging and standard phone links.


Global Connectivity

Global connectivity is the latest phenomenon to arise with the use of electronic media. The internet, cellphones, and television have influenced the formation of a global culture. People are able to share fashion trends, activities, news, and current behaviors only by a click of a mouse or a remote. International news television stations such as CNN enable people to access global events and news as they unfold, irrespective of their geographical location. Electronic media enables operators to share information to a global audience; with the use of cellphones it is now possible to call all over the world and share news as if in the same location.




The rise of social media enhances networking and friendships around the world. The rise of networking sites such as Facebook, and Twitter gives rise to worldwide connections and opens up channels for people to group according to interests. Social media serves as a platform for users to market talents, and products. With such platforms, there is a rise of new culture and language common among friends in these networks. The networks have also been used to propagate social and political movements such as the 2011 Egyptian revolution.



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