Importance of Radio Communication

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Radio communication has not only been of great importance and benefit to mankind since its inception, but the significance thereof continues to expand under the explosion of 21st century technological advancement.

Two Way Communications

From police and fire department dispatches to aircraft communication, two-way radio communication works to ensure public safety. This medium becomes particularly important in emergency situations. (See references 1 and resources 1)


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Broadcast Radio

Radio broadcasts on AM and FM have been informing and entertaining the public for nearly a century. Today, this medium of communication continues to offer diversity in programming. (See references 2)


Short Wave Radio

Short-wave radio, while somewhat similar to broadcast media, is designed for international broadcast. Stations, such as the Voice of America, disseminate vital information into countries governed by repressive regimes. (See references 3)


Cell Phones

Cell phones are actually sophisticated radios that receive signals from low-power stations operating on similar frequencies over a given area. Cities are usually divided into areas called cells, each of which contains a transmitting station. (See resources 2)




Radio technology now changes channels on TV sets, opens garage doors, provides wireless internet service and is part of every spacecraft's navigation system. While radio communication continues to evolve, it remains an intricate part of modern society. (See references 1)



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