Cobra Microtalk Instructions

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Two-way radios can be convenient way to chat with those who are within a two-mile radius, such as during a hike or at a shopping mall. Unlike a cell phone, two-way radios, such as Cobra Microtalks, do not charge a monthly fee and do not require dialing a phone number. Instead, the radios rely on channels set up by the Federal Communications Commission. Tuning the receivers into the same channel will allow those holding the receivers to talk with ease.



Before using the radios, verify that charged batteries are installed. If necessary, remove the back cover and insert four "AAA" batteries. To turn on the radios, press the "power" button for two seconds and release. Next, press the "max range" button to determine the distance range of the radio. Select a channel by using the up and down "channel" buttons on the side of the radio. There are 14 channels to choose from. Pulse through the stations until you hear one that is clear. The radios must be set on the same channel to receive and emit communication.


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In order to call another party, press the "call" button and release. The radio you are trying to reach will emit a ringing tone. To answer a call, press the "talk" button. Once you have pressed the "talk" button and until you press it again, you will only be able to transmit sound, not receive it. Press the "talk" button again in order to receive messages from another transmitter. When you do this, you and the other party will hear a "beep" tone that alerts the other party that you are through speaking and the line is clear for them to respond.



Operating Tips

If necessary, you can adjust the volume of the incoming messages using the "up" and "down" volume buttons on the side of the phone. Ear phones can also be attached to the radio for hands-free operation. Simply open the tab at the top of the phone and insert the ear phones into the speaker jack. For best operation, do not expose the radio to extreme temperatures and never allow near water.




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