How to Tune a Cobra 25 CB

By Whitney Houston

The primary purpose of the Cobra 25 CB is to transmit and receive messages and to tune into channels emitting audio. Upon receiving your device, you may have a few questions about how to operate and tune it. Following a few simple steps will have you tuning your device effectively and efficiently in little time. You can properly power your device, adjust the "Squelch" or signal threshold, tune to one of 40 channels, transmit messages using the microphone, receive messages and tune into a weather channel.

Step 1

Power your device before tuning by first confirming the microphone is properly connected to your Cobra. The microphone should be firmly seated on the jack located at the bottom left side of the device. Turn the "On/Off Volume/Squelch" knob clockwise. You will hear a click, signaling that the device is receiving power.

Step 2

Tune into a channel by rotating the "Channel Selector" knob (located to the far right side of the device) in either direction. Choose a channel from 1 to 40. You will see the channel you have selected displayed directly above the "Channel" knob. Turn the volume up to a comfortable listening level.

Step 3

Set the "Squelch" by first turning the "Channel Selector" knob to a channel that isn't in use. Turn the "Squelch" knob clockwise all the way. This will close the gate (or threshold) completely to all signals (no signals will be able to pass through). Gently turn the "Squelch" knob counterclockwise until you begin to hear noise. This lowers the gate and allows signals to enter the transceiver. Turn the controller slowly clockwise until the noise stops.

Step 4

Transmit messages through the microphone by first turning to one of 40 channels using your "Channel Selector" knob. Pick up the microphone in your right hand so that the button is situated on the left side of the microphone. Hold the microphone up to your mouth and press and hold the mic button. Speak into the microphone using a clear voice. You should see the hand of the "RF Meter" (located in the upper left corner of the Cobra) swinging as you speak, which indicates your message is being transmitted across the channel. When you're done speaking, let go of the button to hear reply transmissions.

Step 5

Receive transmissions by first powering on the Cobra and tuning into the channel you wish to transmit by choosing it with the "Channel Selector." Turn the volume up to a comfortable volume. Messages received while the microphone is in use will not be transmitted or heard.

Step 6

Tune a weather channel by flipping the "CB/WX" switch (second switch from the left) to the "WX" position. Use the "Weather Channel Selector" knob (located to the left of the "Channel Selector" knob) to tune channels 1 through 7. Stop on the channel you can hear with the most clarity.