How to Program a Two-Way Radio

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The purpose of a two-way radio is to allow a person to communicate with others in a certain radius with a hand-held device. A two-way radio comes in handy on construction sites and in heavily wooded areas where parties are spread out. Upon receiving your device, you may have a few questions about how to tune it. Following a few steps will have you programming your device effectively and efficiently in little time. You can power your device, turn on the radio, select an appropriate zone, choose a channel and communicate using the "PTT" button.


Step 1

Charge the radio's battery before programming it. Place the battery in the charger and plug your charger into a functioning wall outlet. You will see a flashing green light illuminate on the charger, letting you know the battery is charging. The light will remain a steady green when the battery has finished charging. If you see no indicator light at all, the battery may be inserted incorrectly. Remove the battery from the charger after it has fully charged and insert it in the back of the two-way radio with an audible click. Fasten all battery latches, which are located on the bottom or edges.


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Step 2

Turn the radio on by twisting the "On/Off/Volume" knob located on the top of the radio. Turn the knob clockwise. You will hear a click and then noise. Adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.

Step 3

Specify the zone of channels you wish to explore. A zone is made up of 16 channels, and your radio offers eight zones to choose from. Push the "Menu" button, then the "Up" or "Down" button continuously (located on the front of the radio) until you see the word "Zone" appear on the display. Push the "Menu" button again to select the "Zone" function. Use the "Up" or "Down" keys again to highlight the desired zone, then push "Menu" to select it. Choose the same zone as those in your party with whom you wish to communicate.



Step 4

Select a channel within the specified zone. Turn the "Channel Selector" knob (located on top of your radio) counterclockwise or clockwise to cycle through the different channels. Use the same channel as those with whom you wish to communicate.

Step 5

Send a call by first selecting the zone and channel of the person you wish to call. After you've set your radio, hold the speaker (located on the front of the radio) up to your mouth, push the "PTT" (Push-to-Talk) button (located on the left edge of your radio) with your fingers and speak into the microphone. When you are finished speaking, let go of the "PTT" button to hear a response. Confirm that the volume has been turned up loud enough to hear your party.



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