How to Unlock a Fujitsu Ten Car Radio

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The anti-theft feature is an important feature to have.

Fujitsu is a company from the Philippines that manufacturers car radios and vehicle electronics. Their radios include features such as a CD changer, cassette stereo, filters and tuners. Your radio also comes with a hidden security feature. This feature locks down your radio when someone takes it out of your car or when your vehicle's battery dies. To unlock your Fujitsu Ten car radio, you must have an unlock code. With this numerical code, you can make your radio operable again.


Step 1

Look through your user manual for the unlock code. This should be located in your anti-theft card, which will display the serial number and unlock code. You can also call your Fujitsu manufacturer for an unlock code. Provide the radio's serial number for owner verification.

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Step 2

Insert the key in the ignition. Turn on your car. Wait for your Fujitsu radio to turn on and ask for the lock code.


Step 3

Press the "Tune" button. Enter the first number. Press the "SET" button.


Step 4

Repeat the step to enter the remaining numbers. Your radio will automatically unlock once you enter the whole code.




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