How to Unlock the Radio in a Mitsubishi Triton UTE

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Your Mitsubishi Triton comes with an anti-theft feature on its radio, similar to most cars. This feature prevents thieves from using your car radio if they remove it from its harness or kill your car's battery. You have two simple ways of unlocking the radio: Do it yourself or contact a Mitsubishi dealer to do it for you.


Step 1

Look for the radio code in one of two ways. First, look through your Mitsubishi's user manual. It should typically have an anti-theft card in the back with your radio's serial number and unlock code.

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Step 2

Call your Mitsubishi dealer to ask for an unlock code. Provide the radio's serial number to verify you are the owner of the vehicle. Write down the unlock code once you obtain it.


Step 3

Enter your car. Put the key in the ignition to turn on your car. Wait for your radio to come on and prompt you for an "Unlock Code."


Step 4

Press and hold the "Tuner" button. Enter the first number of the unlock code using the numerical keypad. Repeat this step until you entered all the numbers correctly. Your radio will automatically unlock.




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