How to Change the Region Code in a Panasonic DVD Player

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Change the Region Code in a Panasonic DVD Player

There are a number of reasons why a person would want to change their Panasonic DVD player's region code. If a person is importing DVDs from another country, they won't play on a North American (or "Region 1") DVD player under normal circumstances. Changing the Region Coding of the player itself is a way to get around this. Use this article as a guide as you change the Region Code on your Panasonic DVD player.


Step 1

Change your DVD player's firmware. Firmware is the piece of software that tells your DVD player the specifics of how to operate. There are websites where you can obtain new firmware for your specific model of Panasonic DVD player that will enable you to tell it to play DVDs from one specific region, or to be "Region Free" which means it can play DVDs from anywhere all over the world.


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Step 2

Find a "Region Free IR" code. This code is for those who don't feel comfortable completing Step 1. It is a multi-digit code that can be entered into your DVD player through multiple devices, with the easiest being certain remote controls. This code essentially tells your DVD player to change the way it normally operates. The code must be entered in whenever you attempt to watch a DVD from another region.


Step 3

Input your IR code with a PocketPC. A PocketPC has an IR-port, which allows it to send signals to things like televisions and basically act as a remote control. You can load the code onto your PocketPC and then use a program like "Betablocker" to send it on to your DVD player.


Step 4

Input your IR code with a Sony PSP. The PSP has an IR-port in the same manner that a PocketPC does. Simply load your IR code onto your PSP and use it as a remote control to input the code into your DVD player.


Step 5

Obtain a universal remote that has all the buttons necessary to input your code. Certain models of universal remotes will have all the requirements necessary to send the IR code to your DVD player. If you don't have a PocketPC or a PSP, and aren't comfortable changing your DVD player's firmware, simply buy one of these universal remotes.



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