How do I Program a Samsung BN59-00687A Remote?

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The Samsung universal remote can be a lifesaver if you have lost or damaged a remote to a television, DVD player or cable box, or if you have so many devices with separate remotes that you need to combine all of them into one. With the Samsung universal remote, you can easily program most brands of most electronics to work with ease on one control, switching back and forth between different devices. Just a few easy steps separate you from being able to kick back and relax without the hassle of multiple remotes.


Step 1

Turn off all of the electronics that are connected to your home entertainment system. You will need to keep them off during the process to ensure that only the device you are trying to program will be turned off and on while you insert the correct code.

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Step 2

Look up the appropriate code for your device using the user's guide that came with your Samsung universal remote, or access the code using Samsung's website. Use the brand name of your device to find the code and write down every code that is listed.


Step 3

Press the appropriate input mode button near the top of the Samsung remote to start the process. Do not hold it down. If you have a similar device programmed already or it does not match a specific button (such as a home audio system) use the aux button.


Step 4

Press the set button on the Samsung remote once. Do not hold it down. Once you have done this, quickly but firmly press the three digit code into the remote using the number pad in the center.


Step 5

If the code works, your device should turn on. If this is the case, the process is finished. If not, repeat the procedure using the next code on the list. When you find a code that works, make sure that all the buttons on the Samsung remote work properly. If not, try a different code.




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