How to Program a Philips Universal Remote Cl035a

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Universal remote controls give you the ability to turn several different remote controls into one. The Philips C1035a is a remote that can control up to five different components. Using the C1035a allows you to either get rid of or put away the remotes for those components. Before you can start using a Philips universal remote, you must first program the remote with each device found in your home. This is done by manually going through different codes until you locate the right one.


Step 1

Turn on the TV or other device that you'll be using with the universal remote.

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Step 2

Hold down the remote's "Setup" key until the red light on the universal remote stays on. This will take about five seconds. Release "Setup" after the light stays on.


Step 3

Press the button at the top of the Philips remote that corresponds to the electronic device you turned on. Then, point the head of the remote at the device.


Step 4

Press "Channel Up" on the right side of the remote repeatedly, going through each of the remote's codes until the device turns off. You may have to press "Channel Up" hundreds of times (up to 300) before the device shuts down.

Step 5

Press "Mute" on the remote to install the device's code.

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