How to Program a Universal Jumbo Remote for a Vizio TV

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Program a Jumbo Universal Remote for Vizio TV

A Universal Jumbo Remote isn't simply a large item to place on a coffee table. These remotes will actually control devices like television sets or DVD players. Before you can start using the Jumbo Universal Remote with a Vizio TV, however, you will first need to program that remote to the television. Since the manual for the remote doesn't list codes for Vizio TVs, you will need to utilize the remote's "Code Search" option.


Step 1

Turn on the Vizio TV.

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Step 2

Aim the Jumbo Universal Remote at the Vizio TV and hold down the "Code Search" button on the remove for roughly 3 to 5 seconds. The LED lights on the Jumbo Universal Remote will come on.


Step 3

Press the "TV" button at the top of the Jumbo Universal Remote.

Step 4

Start pressing the "ON/OFF" button repeatedly until the Vizio TV turns off. This will likely take several minutes due to the amount of available codes.



Step 5

Press "Enter" on the remote immediately after the Vizio TV turns off to save the code.

Step 6

Test the Jumbo Universal Remote by trying to control the Vizio TV with the remote. If the control doesn't work with the remote, repeat the entire process.

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