How to Disable a Child Lock on a Telefunken TV

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Technological advances have made it possible for electronic device manufacturers to include options that meet the needs of consumers. One option now included on many devices is an electronic locking mechanism, which prevents use of the device, often by children. Telefunken televisions have child safety locks that prevent children from watching television. When the child safety lock is enabled, you cannot resume normal operation of the television until it is disabled.


Step 1

Look at the "Power" indicator light on the front of the television to check if it is blinking. When blinking, the child lock is enabled. You can also check by pressing the "Power" button on the television.

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Step 2

Point the remote control at the television and press one of the buttons on the number keypad. The "Power" indicator light will stop blinking, indicating the child lock is turned off.


Step 3

Lock the television again by pressing and holding the "Power" button on the remote control until the indicator light starts blinking. It takes approximately three seconds before the light turns on.




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