Philips Cl034 Universal Remote Instructions

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The Phillips CL034 universal remote can be programmed following these instructions.

With TVs, surround-sound systems and DVD players, it seems that home-theater systems contain many products that each come with a remote to control all of the functions of these devices. The Phillips company produces many electronic devices, including a universal remote that can be programmed to work with many of the devices that you have in your living room, whether they are made by Phillips or not. Using this, you can program everything to work from just one source. If you have a Phillips CL034 universal remote, the instructions to program it with your equipment are short and simple.


Step 1

Power on the device that you want to program to the Phillips CL034 remote. This should be done manually. Keep all other devices off to avoid problems with the programming process.

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Step 2

Using the User's Manual that came with the Phillips remote, find the four-digit codes for your device, looking under the brand name. There may be several codes, so be sure to write down each one as you may have to try several codes to get your device to work properly. If you do not have a copy of the User's Manual, one can be found online at the Phillips support website. (See References)


Step 3

Press the "Setup" button on your Phillips remote and hold it down until the red power light at the top of the remote stays on. Let go of the setup button and then press the "Mode" button corresponding to the device you are attempting to program. Do not hold it down. The power light should blink but remain on.


Step 4

Enter the four digits that make up the first code on the list for your device using the number pad on the center of the remote. Press each one without holding it down, and do not pause for more than a second between numbers. When you have entered the code, the red power light will turn off. If the code is not recognized, the light will flash and the process will need to be restarted.



Step 5

Push the "Channel Up" button or "Play" button on your remote to test the device you are programing. If the device responds, test all of the buttons on your Phillips remote to ensure that you have full function. If some buttons do not work, repeat the process using a different code until you find one that works with your device.




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