How Do I Program My Toshiba Remote CT-90302 to My Magnavox VCR/DVD Player?

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The Toshiba CT-90302 is a proprietary remote control supplied with several Toshiba brand televisions. Users have the option of programming the CT-90302 remote to control auxiliary devices, such as a VCR/DVD player, HTIB, cable receiver or satellite box. Programming the CT-90302 to operate your Magnovox VCR/DVD player will let you avoid using an additional remote control. Although programming the CT-90302 is an easy task, you must supply two separate codes; one code to operate the VCR and another to operate the DVD portion of the combo player.


Step 1

Turn off the VCR/DVD player.

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Step 2

Push the small switch located on the remote control to the "AUX 2" position.

Step 3

Hold the remote control's "Recall" button while entering the appropriate 3-digit code. Enter code "004" or "038" to program the DVD functions on the remote control. Release the "Recall" button after entering the desired code.


Step 4

Point the remote toward the VCR/DVD player and press the "Power" button. If the device does not power on, repeat the programming steps above using the other 3-digit code (either 004 or 038, whichever you didn't try in the previous step). Be sure to test additional remote control functions relating to the DVD player portion of the device.



Step 5

Push the small switch located on the remote control to the "AUX 1" position.

Step 6

Perform the programming steps outlined in the third step for the VCR portion of the device, using codes 026, 027, 034, 044, 057, 061 or 072. Try each code until the remote operates the VCR portion correctly.

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