How to Program a Cable Remote for Buckeye Cable UIE

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You can program the Buckeye Cable universal remote to work with all of your devices.

Buckeye CableSystem provides hundreds of users in the Midwest with their cable, Internet and phone service. Buckeye's cable service comes with a digital cable box that allows users to view a guide of what's on, look at info for programs and record television. This box comes with a universal remote that will be reprogrammed to work with the Buckeye Cable equipment. It is possible to extend the use of this remote and program it to work with all of the accessories that you might have plugged into your home entertainment system following an easy procedure that takes just a few minutes.


Step 1

Turn on the device that you wish to program manually and make sure that all other devices are turned off. If you are programming a DVD player or VCR, you should insert a disc or tape to test the device once the process is complete.

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Step 2

Open up the user's manual and search for the brand of the device that you wish to program for a list of codes. If you do not have a hard copy of the user's manual, you can call the toll-free help number or find the codes on Buckeye Cable's website. Write down all of the codes you find, as you may need to try more than one to get one that works.


Step 3

Press the corresponding device input button located on the top of the remote. You can use the aux button if you have multiple types of one device you would like to program. The button you pressed will light up once.

Step 4

Press and hold the setup button until the appropriate input button flashes twice. When this happens, quickly press in the first four-digit code for your brand of device. The input button will flash twice again if done correctly.



Step 5

Push the power button on your universal remote. If the device turns on, test out all of the functions of the remote to ensure everything is working properly. If the device does not turn on or some functions do not work, repeat the process using the next code on the list until you find one that completes the process.


Step 6

Program multiple devices to your universal remote using the same process. Just select a different input button, making sure that the device you are trying to program is turned on and all others are off.




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