How to Program a Samsung Remote for a Sony DVD/VCR

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With a few steps, you can program your Samsung remote to work with your Sony DVD/VCR.

A Samsung television can be a good addition to your home-entertainment system. With a Samsung TV, you can enjoy all of your entertainment equipment in one place, including a Sony DVD/VCR. With your Samsung television, you can not only connect your Sony DVD/VCR through high-definition inputs, but you can program the remote control to use the Sony device. With a few steps, you will no longer need multiple remotes to watch a DVD or videotape.


Step 1

Turn off the power to your Sony DVD/VCR manually. Do not use the remote that came with the Sony product as it could cause interference later in the process.

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Step 2

Look up the three-digit code for your DVD/VCR in the Samsung owner's manual. The code for your DVD/VCR varies depending on the model and age of your Samsung television. Use the DVD codes for a DVD/VCR combo. If you do not have the owner's manual for your Samsung, you can find a list of codes on Samsung's website.


Step 3

Press the corresponding DVD/VCR mode button located on the top of your Samsung remote. If there are not separate mode buttons, press the single mode button until you reach a mode that is not the television or another device you might have already programmed to work with your Samsung remote.


Step 4

Locate the "Set" button and press it. If there is no "Set" button, look for a small button that might require a thin object to press it. If you are having trouble finding it, it may be under the battery cover.


Step 5

Using the number pad on your Samsung remote, press the three digits that correspond to the code for your Sony DVD/VCR. When you are finished, the mode button should flash. Press the "Power" button. If the programming was a success, the device will power on.


Step 6

Test the remote to make sure every function of your DVD/VCR works. If the device will not turn on or not every button works, try another code listed in your user's guide until you locate one that works properly.




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