Samsung Home Theater System Remote Set Instructions

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Samsung home-theater systems allow you to connect a multiple-speaker setup to your home-entertainment system, bringing you high-quality sound to go with high-definition television, movies and video games. The Samsung system comes with a remote that allows you to control the audio settings of your entertainment system from a comfortable distance. This remote can also be set to work with your television, letting you combine multiple remotes into one. By following a simple set of programming instructions, you will be enjoying your home-theater system in no time.


Step 1

Turn on your television with the original remote or by pressing the "Power" button on the front of the device. Keep other electronics turned off during the programming process.

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Step 2

Push the "DVD Receiver/TV" button on the Samsung home-theater system remote to start the programming process. This is also how you will switch the remote to TV mode once you program the remote to operate the TV.


Step 3

Locate the list of programming codes for your TV in the User's Manual for your Samsung system. These codes are listed under the brand, not the model, of your television. If you do not have a copy of your User's Manual, you can download a copy at Samsung's support website. (See Resources)


Step 4

Hold down the "Power" button on the Samsung remote. With the other hand, enter in the first code on the list for your TV using the number buttons in the center of the remote. Pause briefly between each number and do not hold any number down.


Step 5

If the code you entered was valid, the television will turn off. If not, continue entering in codes for your television until the device responds. When it does, release the "Power" button and then press it again to turn on the television. Test buttons such as volume control and channel up and down to make sure the remote works fully. If not, repeat the process using the next code on the list until you find one that works properly.




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