How to Set the Time on a GE Spacemaker Radio

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A GE Spacemaker radio is a slim digital AM/FM radio that fits under a kitchen cabinet. It has a CD player and TV/Weatherband channels, and a storage area on the bottom where you can put an MP3 player that you connect with a cable into the audio input jack to listen to your MP3s. There are 10 programmable radio stations, and a kitchen timer that can be set for up to two hours to count down the time remaining for cooking. It will display the time as well, and you can set the clock to the current time in your time zone by following a few easy steps.


Step 1

Plug in the GE Spacemaker radio to turn it on.

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Step 2

Note what time zone you are in. The GE Spacemaker radio's circuitry automatically picks up the current time, which is broadcast every second over radio waves, and displays it in Eastern Standard Time (EST).



Step 3

Flip the Spacemaker's "Time Zone" switch to Pacific Daylight Time (PST) or Central Standard Time (CST) if you are in one of those regions.




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