How to Set the Timer for a Sunbeam Coffee Maker

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Sunbeam coffee makers have many features to make them easy to use and easy to pour. The coffee makers are visually attractive and blend with all types of kitchen decor. The most attractive feature is the digital clock that serves the dual purpose of a kitchen clock and a timer for brewing coffee with easy timer setting functions.


Step 1

Connect the power cord of the coffee maker to the electricity outlet. The coffee maker will flash an indicator light to say that the timer has to be set.

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Step 2

Press and hold the hour and minute buttons of the timer till the timer reaches the current time.


Step 3

Check the PM indication light located on the left of the display to set the time for the correct time of day.

Step 4

Set the delay brew timing if required after you set the clock time. To set the delay brew timing, press the delay brew button and hold for a few seconds. Press the hour and minute buttons to set the time when you want the machine to start brewing. The light indicating that brewing has begun will start flashing and the Delay Brewing will automatically turn off at the preset time.





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