How to Set a Timex Alarm

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Many Timex clocks can be set for loud alarms to discourage oversleeping.

You can quickly set a Timex alarm to go off on time to keep you on schedule. Timex makes a wide variety of alarm clocks styles with varied features. Most Timex alarm clocks have large digital displays so they are easily read from a distance. Snooze features on many Timex alarm clocks allow the user to extend the alarm for a few extra minutes of sleep. Feel confident that you will wake up on time once a Timex alarm clock is correctly set.


Step 1

Plug in the Timex alarm clock. Remove the battery door and add one or more batteries for continuous use of the alarm clock during a power outage. Position the display so it can be seen from the bed or where you expect to be when the alarm sounds.

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Step 2

Set the time by referencing an accurate watch or clock. Hold down the "Time Set" button and press the "Hour" and "Minute" buttons until you have the correct time. A small dot in the upper left corner of the display is often used to indicate PM, absence of the dot indicates AM.


Step 3

Hold down the "Alarm Set/Reset" button. Press the "Hour" and "Minute" buttons until you have the correct alarm time. Release the "Alarm Set/Reset" button.


Step 4

Slide the "Loudness" switch to "Gentle" or "Loud" to set the preferred volume of the alarm. Move the "Alarm Mode" switch to "On." An alarm activation indicator will often appear in the lower left corner of the display.


Step 5

Press the "Alarm Set/Reset" button when the alarm sounds. This stops the alarm sound and resets the alarm to go off at the same time in 24 hours. Push the "Snooze" button for an additional nine minutes.




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