How to Turn Off the Alarm on an iHome

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How to Turn Off the Alarm on an iHome
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The iHome personal audio system can function as an alarm clock when an iPod is securely connected via the docking station, which is located on the top of iHome. The iPod must be connected to the docking station with the appropriate insert, as determined by the iPod model, or generation. In addition, the iPod must have songs downloaded to it, as the iHome will play the music stored on the iPod when the alarm sounds.


Step 1

Set the correct time on the iHome clock. To select a time zone, press and hold the Time Zone button on the back of the unit until the display flashes. Press the + or - button to select the appropriate time zone. Press the Time Zone button a final time.

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Step 2

Check the lower part of the clock display for the alarm time. If no set time is visible, no alarm has been set. If the dual alarm function has been activated, only the earliest alarm time will be shown on the display.


Step 3

Press the alarm button once to activate the alarm review mode. The alarm button is located on the top of the device and can be identified by a small clock symbol. Once the alarm button is pressed, the alarm time will display on the lower part of the display.


Step 4

Press the alarm button once more during the alarm review mode to turn off the alarm.

Step 5

Check that the lower part of the display no longer shows the alarm time.




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