How to Set a NexxTech Clock Radio

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Manufactured by Source Electronics, NexxTech clock radios combine accurate timekeeping with popular radio and alarm clock features. Thanks to clearly identified setting buttons, the clock-setting process for your NexxTech clock radio is incredibly quick and painless. Use this process when setting up your NexxTech clock radio for the first time and after power outages.


Step 1

Locate the "Clock" button on the front of your NexxTech clock radio; press and hold this button.

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Step 2

Continue to hold down the "Clock" button. Use the "Skip+/Hour" button to adjust the clock's hours digits to the correct time. Release the "Clock" and "Skip+/Hour" buttons when the correct hour value is shown on the clock's display.


Step 3

Press and hold the "Clock" button. Press the "Skip-/Hour" button repeatedly to advance the clock's minutes digits to the correct time. Release both the "Clock" and "Skip-/Hour" buttons when the desired minute value is displayed.


To set an alarm on your NexxTech clock radio, slide the "Alarm" switch to the "Off/Set" position. Hold down the "Alarm 1" button and use the "Skip+/Hour" and "Skip-/Hour" buttons to set the hours and minutes digits to the desired time.


NexxTech clock-setting instructions can vary slightly by clock model. Contact Source customer support for model-specific clock-setting advice.