How to Change a Digital Alarm Clock

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Change a Digital Alarm Clock

Most of us keep a digital alarm clock beside our beds to help us wake up in the morning. You'll find quite a few different types of digital alarm clocks available. Traditional models just display the time and sound a buzzer, while more advanced versions can wake you with one of your favorite tunes from your iPod. To do its job, your alarm clock needs two pieces of information: what time it is now, and what time you want to wake up. Every digital alarm clock is different, but most use the same easy steps for changing and setting the time and alarm.


Step 1

Press the "Clock" button on your alarm clock and hold it down.

Step 2

Push the "Hour" button to change the hour to the current time. Each push of the button typically moves the time forward one hour.

Step 3

Push the "Minute" button to change the minutes to the current time. Each push of the button typically advances the time by one minute.

Step 4

Select AM or PM. "AM" or "PM" typically appears to the right of the time on your clock. Release the Clock button when you finish setting the correct time.


Step 5

Press the "Alarm" button and hold it down. Use the Hour and Minute buttons to select the time you'd like an alarm to sound. Pay careful attention to the AM and PM designation on your clock.

Step 6

Press "Sleep" to tell your alarm clock that you're going to sleep and would like for it to wake you up at your designated time.


If your alarm clock doesn't have a Clock or Alarm button, try pressing the "Mode" button to find where you change the time. On some alarm clocks, you change the times using a scroll wheel rather than Hour and Minute buttons.


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