Emerson Smartset Instructions

By Whitney Houston

The Emerson SmartSet digital clock radio displays the time and and wakes you up in the morning. The SmartSet features an automatic time-setting system, a large display, two alarms, a Sure Alarm battery back-up system and a time projection display. You may choose to wake up to a buzzer or the radio. After connecting your new clock radio to a power outlet, you might have questions about how to make adjustments to the time, tune the radio and set the alarms.

Step 1

Push the "Time Zone" button to set the time zone. "2" appears on the display indicating "Zone 2," which is Eastern Time and the default setting. Hold down the Time Zone button and press the "Set +" or "Set --" button to advance to the current time zone setting. Select "Zone 1" for Atlantic time, "Zone 3" for Central time, "Zone 4" for Mountain time, "Zone 5" for Pacific time, "Zone 6" for Yukon time or "Zone 7" for Hawaiian time.

Step 2

Press the "Month/Date" button to display the currently programmed date. The date appears on the display. Press the Month/Date button and the "Time" buttons together to display the currently programmed year.

Step 3

Hold down the Time button and press the Set + or Set -- button to adjust the time forward or backward respectively. Holding down the Set + or Set -- button will change the time quickly, while a quick press to these buttons changes the time by one minute. The SmartSet automatically sets the time, but use these settings if you prefer a fast or slow clock.

Step 4

Hold down the "Alarm 1" or "Alarm 2" button to set the wake up time for either of the two SmartSet alarms. The currently set alarm time for Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 appears on the display. While still holding down the Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 button, press the Set + or Set -- button to change the desired wake up time forward or backward respectively. Confirm the time of day setting by looking for an "AM" indicator on the display. If AM is present, the alarm time is set to AM. If there is no AM indicator, the alarm time is set to PM.

Step 5

Hold down the Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 button and press the "Alarm Mode" button, until you arrive at the desired alarm mode. The days displayed while viewing the currently set alarm mode indicate the days the alarm activates. "Everyday" mode displays all seven days. "Weekdays Only" mode displays all five weekdays. "Weekends Only" mode displays "Saturday" and "Sunday" only.

Step 6

Push the "Snooze" button when the alarm goes off in the morning to quiet the alarm for nine minutes. After you push Snooze for an hour, the alarm stops sounding. To stop the alarm completely for the day, push the Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 button.

Step 7

Push the "Band" button to listen to the radio and select either "AM" or "FM." Turn the "Volume" knob, until the volume is at a comfortable listening level. Push the "Radio On/Off" button to turn the radio on. Twist the "Tuning" knob to the desired radio station.