How to Make a Casio Watch Stop Beeping Every Hour

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Disable your watch's hourly time signal to prevent it from beeping every hour.
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Casio watches use a standard hourly beep to help wearers track time without constantly glancing at the watch. The beep is a feature enjoyed by many Casio owners, but it can be a nuisance for others. The beeping is a distraction in school or a quiet workplace, and it can become annoying for many users, especially while they are sleeping. Turning the beep off is relatively simple, but it requires a specific sequence of button presses to silence the watch.


Casio Watch Hourly Beep

To shut down the hourly beep, you must enter the Casio watch turn-off-alarm mode. Locate the button in the bottom left corner labeled D and press once to trigger the alarm mode editing screen. After the screen appears, move to the bottom right corner and press the E button. Pay attention to the screen and look for the alarm bell icon.

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If the alarm bell icon is active, the hourly beep mode is also activated, with the only exception being that a specific alarm was intentionally set to repeat as a single daily reminder. Press the C button to remove the alarm icon and effectively end the hourly beeping. After the alarm is disabled, press D to return to the main time screen and wait for the next hour to pass. If the beeping is no longer active, the process was completed correctly.


If the beeping continues, repeat the steps and check for the alarm bell icon. Make sure the icon is removed before exiting the screen. The alarm symbol also shows up when a single daily alarm is used, which can confuse the issue. If you have not set a specific single alarm, the alarm bell icon is not visible, and no alarms beep.

Set Specific Alarms

Rather than an hourly beep, setting a specific alarm for a wake-up or other event creates a more specific sense of urgency. The alarm repeats at the same time each day. This reminder is often used for a wake-up call, but it can function as an alarm to take medications, indicate a lunch hour or any other desired function.


To set a single alarm to repeat at the same time daily, press the button on the bottom left to access the alarm menu. Next, press the top-left button and hold it down until the time begins flashing. After the numbers flash, release the button to stay in the alarm mode. Press the left up and down buttons to change the hour and the right side buttons for minutes on the flashing numbers until you reach the desired time.

Press and hold the top left button again to save the changes. The numbers stop flashing when the process is complete, and the alarm sounds at the designated daily time. When the alarm does sound, press the top left button to silence it. The alarm does not snooze or repeat when it is set to a single daily time.


Other Casio Functions

The alarm mode is a handy function, but many Casio watch models also offer a stopwatch. The stopwatch can run on a consecutive time loop or run on split times to monitor laps in athletic events. The sport-specific models also come with shockproof and even waterproof functions to increase the watch's durability while the wearer swims, runs, hikes and engages in outdoor sports.