Why Is My LG Phone Beeping?

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Your LG phone could be beeping for several reasons.
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Most LG phones run a version of the Android operating system that LG has enhanced with additional tools and features. Android has a number of built-in features that notify you of events that might need your attention. When your LG phone beeps, review the phone's settings for notifications, reminders and alarms. The reason why the phone is beeping if often displayed in the Notification bar.


Battery Warning

Your LG phone might beep when the charge in your battery drops below a certain level, such as 15 percent, and again when your battery reaches a critical stage, for example, when it dips down to only five percent charged. Some LG phones also have LED indicators that will shine solid or flash as your phone beeps to notify you that the battery is low. Once you connect your phone to a power source and it starts charging, the beeping should stop. A low-battery warning displays in the Notification bar on your phone.


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Call Timer

If your phone beeps once per minute while you're making a call, you might have the Minute Minder turned on. This feature helps you keep track of the number of minutes of talk time you're using. If it doesn't beep at regular intervals, the beep might mean that you have another incoming call. Press "Menu | Settings | My Device | Call | Call Alerts" or "Menu | Settings | Device | Calls," depending on your Android version, to locate the Call Alerts and Minute Minder options. Uncheck the box to turn off the Minute Minder, and select "Off, or "Vibrate" for incoming call notifications.


Other Notifications

If you receive a text message, miss a call, have a voice mail, receive an email or if any other event occurs on your phone for which you have notifications enabled, your phone might beep to notify you of the event. You can change your default notification sound from a beep to another tone by choosing "Menu | Settings | Sounds | Default Notification Sound." Adjust the notification settings for a specific event within the app you use for that event. For example, adjust the email notification settings in the email app.


Sounding an Alarm

When you set an alarm on your phone, you choose the time for the alarm and the days for the alarm to sound. When your phone beeps continuously, the phone might be sounding an alarm that you scheduled for a previous day and forgot to disable. Your phone might also beep continuously when you set the timer on your phone to count down and it reaches zero. Touch the time on your screen to open the Alarm screen. Long-press an alarm and select "Delete" to prevent the alarm from repeating again another day.