How to Lock the Keypad on a Samsung Cell Phone

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Equipped with text capability, a built-in phone book and controls for adjusting the volume and display, Samsung cell phones also come with an additional feature—the ability to lock the keypad. The keypad lock not only keeps you from accidentally dialing a number if the phone is in your pocket, but it keeps others from using your phone if you leave it on a desk or counter. A personal identification number is assigned to the keypad lock and the PIN must be entered before the cell phone is unlocked.


Step 1

Press the key that corresponds to "Menu" on the standby screen.

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Step 2

Select "Settings." Select "Phone."

Step 3

Select "Security" under the "Phone" menu.


Step 4

Select "1 Lock Phone Off" under the "Security" menu.

Step 5

Select "On" under the heading "Lock Phone."


Step 6

Enter your Samsung cell phone's PIN. Select "OK."


If you haven't set up a PIN for your cell phone, you will be prompted to establish a PIN. Enter a four- to eight-digit numeric PIN. Confirm the PIN. Select "OK."

A confirmation message will be displayed. Your Samsung cell phone's keypad is now locked.



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