How Do I Get My Verizon LG Phone Off Mute?

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Unmute your Verizon LG phone and eliminate connection confusion.

Verizon LG phones come in several different varieties, but all of them have the mute function. This capability comes in handy when you want to privately discuss something without the person on the other end of the line hearing you. Sometimes, however, you may have a problem with the phone becoming accidentally muted. If this is the case, you'll need to know how to unmute it so the person you're talking to can begin hearing you again.


Step 1

Press the left soft key on the phone to deactivate the quick mute function on certain Verizon LG phones. Pressing it again will mute the phone.

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Step 2

Look for the "Unmute" option on the screen, which should be located at the bottom. Press the "Select" button on the side of the screen that correlates with the "Unmute" option.


Step 3

Press the volume buttons on the side of your Verizon LG phone during a call to adjust the earpiece and speaker volume. Your phone might not be muted; instead, your volume might be all the way down. Press the "Up" button on the side of the phone to increase the volume.





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